Inspired by the People She Loves

NICOLE LEBLANC – New Glasgow Healthy Pictou County

When faced with particularly challenging times, which we all have at some point and capacity, I often reflect on the encouragement I would receive from my grandparents, Bert and Evelyn Gorham. I had a very special bond with both of them, and I don’t know if I’ve ever had bigger cheerleaders.

From the smallest accomplishments to challenges that would arise, they would always let me know how proud of me they were, and to keep my head up no matter what. They’ve now since passed, however, I keep the pep talks, the encouragement and little celebrations with me to keep me motivated to be positive; knowing that difficult times will pass. Though we grew up in different times, their advice and guidance has remained timeless and continues to guide me to be positive, help others and to keep going. Process the challenges and then look to your cheerleaders.