Sneak Peek: Spring Issue 2017


Caribou Island Cottage Springs Back to Life

Combining two cottage-households into one can be challenging at best, but add on a fire and then major reno and you know only the strong with survive. Joyce Hoeven and her partner, Mat Harris, not only survived all that but thrived and made an ocean side retreat that is modern, inviting and perfectly suited to their family’s busy lives. Their summer home on Caribou Island is a place to slow down, enjoy the company of family and friends and soak up life on the beach. From feeding the fish in their stocked pond, walking the shoreline collecting beach glass to chilling by the fire, this home is meant for family. Lori Byrne takes us on a tour of the recently renovated cottage belonging to Joyce Hoeven and Mathew Harris.


Designer Lori Byrne welcomes spring with fresh florals and design ideas that are bold and bright.

Sifrah Daimeh: May your table always be plentiful

Translating the beautiful language of Syrian Cooking. There is more to middle eastern cooking than meets the eye. We learned about the mindfulness of preparing this special cuisine from three amazing women who traveled far to share their story.

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Bringing up baby…east coast style

Writer Heather Laura Clarke introduces us to Emma Enman, the innovative Mum who created a business and a brand so simple and smart it will bring you to your…”Neezies.”


Sweat it out together and keep the spark

Life Coach and Personal Trainer Deelle Hines tells us why it is important to exercise with your partner.

Caribou Mottos

How private collection of needlework messages from the north shore of Nova Scotia speaks volumes about our past at the Textile Museum of Canada.