Photos by Steve Smith, VisionFire Studios

Refreshing decor with the seasons can feel like a daunting unachievable luxury. The expense itself can be enough to opt out. At Home has some ideas for you where you can refresh your space for $100 or less!
The overall mood of your home can shift by simply swapping in accessories appropriate to the season’s pallet in a mix of new, thrifted, and DIY refresh finds full of personality and at approachable price points.

Table Cloth or Runner $4.00
Textile patterns and colour-ways are often the jumping-off inspiration for interior transformations. In this case, rather than doing a full reupholster or long term commitment piece, a table cloth or runner can easily be swapped in and out for substantial visual impact on a budget.

Pillow Covers $4.00 Pair
Decorative pillows pack a lot of personality punch and are easy to swap out. Save yourself the expense of new inserts, and the storage space, by replacing only the covers.

Sweet Hello or Good-bye
Candies $2.50 + Household Dishware

A highlight with every season when visiting Gran is the candy dish. Why not incorporate your own but in a pastel pallet for a sweet thoughtful surprise?

Printable Art $17.00 for 2
By changing out art in an existing frame there is minimal cost incurred while the impact is dramatic – I have gathered a set for each season.

Tablescape Hack $12.00 for 2 packs
Hosting can range from simple setting to elaborate depending on your mood and timeline. In a pinch, a monochromatic setting can be elevated with a pop of pattern or themed napkin.

Wreath $20.00
Your exterior welcome can set the tone for your curb appeal and impacts how you feel each time you traffic through. Don’t overlook the opportunity to brighten your own day on repeat.

Cheeky Accessories $2.00
Accessories are a great opportunity to highlight your personality and add a hint of the unexpected. Decorating is meant to be fun after all!

Plant Stand $5.00 + Leftover Paint
Plants themselves bring life to every space, but don’t overlook the opportunity to
add whimsy on the surface beneath. A quick coat of paint can transform drab or used to fresh!

Function $18.00
Self care isn’t always found at a spa. For some, enhancing a work environment or family command centre with special stationary or accessories can infuse unexpected inspiration. Treat yourself!

Sink-Side Accessories $10.00 Set
Enhance your dishwashing experience or transform your bathroom aesthetic by swapping out a few accessories – dish/hand towels can offer a playful ode to the season.