The snow is swirling and you finally have a moment to tackle that laundry room project. With a little planning you can transform any little corner of your home from humdrum to Instagram-worthy before the snow plows hit the streets!


What’s on your List?

Yet another winter storm is anticipated to strike the Maritimes and have you homebound indefinitely. What to do, what to do…?
Most likely you’ll prepare with a practical shopping list – candles, shovel, batteries, and the much needed storm chips – and then hunker down in wait. Forced days in like this lend to cozying up for puzzle doing, board-game playing, baked goods making, or captivating book reading. Might as well enjoy the down time while it lasts. Right?
Well, yes, or might I make an alternate suggestion?
Take a moment to look around the house and note if there isn’t a small project that’s been nagging to be tackled but the time just never seems to present itself. Perhaps, it has storm day written all over it!
Go grab that pen and list you started earlier as it may require editing before heading out the door to collect those storm necessities.


Storm Day Project Preparation:

  1. What to do
    To-Do lists tend to be seemingly endless, which can make it difficult to narrow the choice project. Undertake something that can be started and completed within the span of one hard work day.
    Tip: I always like to use up materials I already have money invested in before going out and buying more. Which can be a deciding factor on what to tackle.
  2. Supply List
    In order to maximize on this gift of time, be prepared with all your supplies ahead of time for when mother nature ambushes.
    Tip: Always shop your house first for supplies or re-purpose leftovers from another project before shopping.
  3. Sustenance
    I did say this would be one hard work day but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be enjoyable! Plan ahead for extra delicious coffee or treat breaks that will both warm the heart and fuel the body.
    Tip: Marshmallows are an unexpected yummy winter treat if you have a wood burning fire.
  4. Moral Support
    Bring in recruitments to mix work and fun – the kids can help and make it a family affair. Or lore a neighbour who will brave the storm for those gooey mallows or another pre-planned goodie.
  5. Start
    Don’t let the day get away from you. When it’s a definite no-go out into
    the world, get at it! You’ll thank
    yourself afterward.
    And who knows, by days end if you opted for a project that requires a power tool, you may be thankful for storm chips of a different kind.