Photos by Steve Smith, VisionFire Studios

Let fresh air and open spaces elevate your meditation practice this summer. When the sun is shining and the birds are singing, grab that meditation cushion and find your own space to unwind, set intentions, and reconnect. Your meditation space can be as simple as a comfortable patch of green under your favourite tree or you can create your own “zen den” al fresco by taking your favourite calming objects with you.

Roll out the mat. You can still feel grounded with a natural woven rug between your sitz bones and the earth.
Sit a little longer. Meditation cushions can help stretch your focus. Besides comfort, they assist in better alignment, open your hips and keep you sitting tall.
Buddah Buddy. Bring a little calming influence with you but remember, if you take your Buddah outside never place your statue directly on the ground as it is considered disrespectful. Your Buddah should also face east.
Prayer Beads. Let your intuition guide you when you choose your own prayer beads. You can take these with you wherever you go to guide your intentions.