Inspired by the Light

MIKE BYRNE – Amateur Photographer

An appreciation of natural light means I have a keen awareness of a seemingly endless series of beautiful scenes. I always have a camera available.

On my early morning walk, the dark night sky transitions in the east through bands of pure colour: dark blue, pure orange, deep gold and yellow as the morning sun approaches the horizon.

An elderly woman sits near a kitchen window, the clean, soft natural light illuminates the texture of her face and the ‘catchlight’ in her eye…the pure light reveals all that is beautiful in her being.

A snow-covered courtyard outside my office window: small trees cast strong black shadows along the level white snow.

A simple coffee mug on the kitchen counter, the window light defining its shape through light and shadow.

Driving home seeing a stand of trees backlit by the low, late afternoon sun….long shadows spread out before them.

At the end of the day, nature puts on another spectrum display as the sun departs in the western sky.

An appreciation of natural light enriches my life…beauty is revealed in the ordinary. As an amateur photographer, I want to record it all and make others aware of the beauty in this world.