Setting up nursery is one of the joys of waiting for baby’s arrival. Selecting the crib for your wee one to sleep in or that comfy rocking chair to rock your bundle in is a right of passage to parenthood. Painting the walls and hanging up art work that you have deliberated over is all part of the nesting process and can be a great way to pass the time while you wait.

Babies are babies for such a short time, ask any mother of a teenager. So when you’re planning a nursery, select things that can grow up with your little bundle of love. A crib that converts to a toddler bed, art work that isn’t too babyish and storage that works well for little baby things but can also accommodate bigger clothes are all good choices. And speaking of clothes, they need to be adorable, fashionable and comfy!

Special touches throughout the room can add the coziness that babies love, snuggly blankets, stuffed toys and warm, soft towels to wrap baby in after bathtime. Filling the room with heirloom pieces gives a nod to the past while adding character, whether it is a special dresser, rocking chair or toy cradle passed down through the generations.

And while it is all well and good to have a nursery ready for all of those baby and me selfies, having a space that functions well is truly important. Ample storage for diapers, clothes and books makes life with baby just a little bit easier. Baskets are a great way to store things so they are within reach of you during a diaper change or for a baby who is learning to explore their world.

After all, it’s 2018, baby!


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