When life gets busy and we are bombarded daily with Christmas this and Holidays that, it’s nice to be able to take a step back and simplify. Scandinavian style has a simple appeal to it, especially when it comes to decorating your home for Christmas.  We hear so much about Hygge these days and it’s easy to see why – bringing that simplicity into our lives and the ability to connect and relax has a huge draw as we scurry through life. Scandinavian Christmas is all about candlelight, a simple colour palette of reds, whites, creams and grey complimented with the rustic textures of nature. And the good news is you don’t have to go to a big box store to satisfy your “Scandi” style you can source pretty much everything you need at home on the north shore!


Nordic design wraps this candleholder in the simple red and white colour palette that Scandinavian Christmas’ are known for and invite the warmth of candle light into your home. This unscented beauty can be found at The Village Gift Shop in Tatamagouche.


When it comes to decorating for the holidays, leave no surface untouched, including your table. This bright red runner with white accents from McKean’s Flowers is the perfect way to bring some colour and décor to each and every meal throughout the season.


The natural textures and colours of this wreath from Forge Home & Garden will bring some cheer wherever you hang it. On the front door, over a grouping of other festive decorations, or on its own, it invokes that rustic charm.


A little gnome or Tomte, might require a Christmas Eve bowl of porridge but sure looks good sitting on a shelf or tucked into the branches of your tree with his tall hat and long beard. He may or may not get up to some mischief but that just adds to the folklore. This particular gnome can usually be found sitting on the shelves at McKean’s Flowers.


A decorating staple for any season is a good container, and these cement pots from Forge Home & Garden in New Glasgow allow you to bring nature in. Filled with boughs and berries or moss and candles, they are simple, understated and perfectly Hygge for a Scandinavian Christmas.


A collection of stars with simple white details paired alongside natural wood would look very festive and yet uncomplicated. These beauties from McKean’s Flowers in New Glasgow are a fabulous way to bring some classic Christmas themes into a more subtle holiday feel.