Photos by Steve Smith, VisionFire Studios

A fun deck chair with some North Shore flair!

You know you’re a “Maritimer” when you grab that early morning coffee or a cool beverage at the end of the day, and you lean back in your favourite deck chair…made from lobster traps.
Corinne Munroe of Guysborough County spent 17 years making metal lobster traps for local fishermen on the North Shore. In 2012, the tides shifted for Corinne, and she decided to do something different with her craft. Instead of making new lobster traps she found a purpose for her retired traps and designed her first custom-made lobster trap chair.
“One of the fishermen told me he saw a picture of a chair made of the lobster traps,” she explained, “so I went to work to create one of my own.”
The chairs are usually crafted with several different bright colours associated with fishing ropes and buoys. She likes to mix and match the colour schemes. For custom orders she lets the client pick the colour combinations.
Munroe had no idea how popular the chairs would be when she began creating them 10 years ago. In fact, she was quite surprised when people from as far away as Fort MacMurray and the Magdalen Islands sought out her unique outdoor furniture.
While the chairs have been the anchor piece of her business, she has worked to create other functional objects and has a table project underway with one of her clients who already purchased several deck chairs.
“I’ve made bird feeders, bird cages, shoe racks, bookshelves, tables, chairs, you name it,” she says. “Any idea people can think of, I will work with them to make it a reality.”
The chairs hold up very well outside against the elements, are contoured in the right places for a comfortable fit, and give new meaning to traditional outdoor furniture.
You can find Corinne’s creations at Pictou Fishing Supplies and Vernon d’Eon Lobster Plugs Ltd in Pictou and North Sydney.