There is nothing that says spring better than a bouquet of your favorite colour of tulips. The flower is even more meaningful for me because it reminds me of my grandparents. There are endless ways to display your flowers and you can even make one bouquet from your local floral supplier go a long way if you split them up and place them in smaller vessels around your home. Experiment with what you have at home.


My favorite containers or vases are ones that I find when rummaging in old and forgotten spaces. My favorite and one used in this feature was once used to store nuts and bolts in my grandparents basement. Don’t shy away from adding other organic or decorative elements to your arrangements. Raid your refrigerator or find other little bits and pieces that you can drop into the container for interest. Have fun!

Step 1: If possible, after you get home with your tulips, leave them in the package and put them in a bucket of water for 6ish hours. This will increase the life span of the flower.

Step 2: Find some clear glass containers. I love looking for old bottles that have a story. From an old peanut butter jar to this large glass with the handle that I found in our house when we moved in.

Step 3: Experiment! In the larger display, I’ve cut limes and layered them on the inside of the glass container. Next, I’ve stripped some of the leaves from the tulips and stuffed some swiss chard that I had in the fridge, in behind the limes to hold them in place. If you have a smaller container, skip to step 5.

Step 4: At this stage you could –
a.    measure and cut your stems to a length that best suits the container, arrange them in the container, fill with water and be done.
b.    OR find a smaller container and fit it inside the one with the limes and roughage. Fill the smaller one with water and arrange the tulips within it. This will give your limes a longer shelf life.

Step 5: For smaller containers or groupings, strip the leaves down leaving a few for effect. Mix in some other signs of Spring. Get outside, check the ditch, are the pussy willows out yet? Do you or any of your neighbours have a forsythia? It’s the shrub that has bright yellow flowers early in the Spring. Go visit and make an arrangement for them too. How about rhubarb? Cut the leaves off and add that rosy pink colour to the bunch. All welcome signs of the change of season. Soak it up and have fun!


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