Looking for the right fit for your wardrobe budget? Well, look no more…unless it’s on Krista MacLeod-Tingley’s Facebook page.

Krista MacLeod-Tingley started ‘Pictou County’s Chicest Closets’ in 2016 after a career change and found herself with a closet full of high-end business attire that not longer suited her lifestyle. So the savvy business woman decided to take matters into her own hands and start a Facebook group to sell her working girl wardrobe. Since then, the group has grown to 65 members all of whom have followed in Krista’s footsteps by selling their own gear. Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Ann Taylor, are some of the names that frequently pop up on the page and they sell out just as fast as they are posted.

So what happens after you post that formerly loved handbag or pair boots that you thought would fit because they were just the best deal ever? Here’s the hitch—you can’t be shy. The purchaser and seller arrange to meet in a common space where they exchange the goods. Most buyers will try on the clothing, check the quality and if the shoe fits, the money is exchanged and the item has a brand new life. Krista loves to play with trends and styles and noted that this group is a great opportunity for people to do the same but at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay in stores. Most of the money she has made helped her achieve a new wardrobe for her new lifestyle as Mom, wife and fashionista.

Why not give Pictou County’s Chicest Closets a try….it just might be the perfect fit.