As temperatures cool off and we prepare to curl up and be cozy, diving into a cross-stitch is the perfect fall craft.
Cross-stitch is essentially a matrix of tiny cross stitches that form an “X” and sometimes other stitches such as a simple back stitch or more complex like French knots.
Though there are complex patterns, cross-stitching is quite easy. In fact, it’s something I’ve been doing since I was nine years old, after learning the craft from my mother and grandmother.

Cross-stitch is surprisingly easy

How to start

• Grab a kit that includes everything you need to get started, including your Aida cloth, needle, floss and pattern.
TIP: I like working with a cross stitch hoop to keep the edges of my cloth from fraying while I work. You can use tape along the edges of your cloth to keep it from fraying, which is especially helpful for long-term projects you’ll be picking up and putting down.
• You’ll notice black arrows on your pattern that indicate the centre of your design. Simply fold your cloth in fours to find the centre of your cloth and start with the corresponding thread on your pattern.
• From there, you’ll be doing lots of counting, or even triple counting.

Where to find kits or patterns

• Most craft stores/sections sell patterns that make great starting projects. I’d recommend a small picture with few colours to start.
• When you’re ready for something a little more challenging, you can purchase patterns on Etsy and source materials on your own.
TIP: Cross-stitch thread is called DMC floss and the colour codes are universal and easily sourced locally.

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Nicole Leblanc is a communications professional, a passionate community volunteer, and current town councillor who loves DIY. She lives in Trenton with her husband and beloved dog—and when she’s not getting crafty, she can be found exploring Nova Scotia, meeting new people, and being involved in projects that make our communities better.