Photo by Steve Smith, Visionfire Studios

The days are short, we find ourselves tucked in our homes, and there is nothing better than the soft glow of candles to add some cozy ambience. These chunky candle holders would be just as at home on a festive mantle as tucked into a centrepiece on the Christmas table or your holiday coffee table.
If you didn’t want to paint them, you could use a sealer that let the natural character of the wood shine through and they would be equally as stunning. The bonus is that you could use them year-round. Another alternative would be to use an old hand-hewn beam for even more age and charm.


• Square lumber stock – these are 4″ x 4″; cut to 3″, 4.5″ and 6″ high
• Saw and safety glasses
• Spade bit to fit your candle holder – I used a 1.5″ bit for tea lights
• White and red paint
• Paint brushes
• Sandpaper
• Twine and/or ribbon
• Tea lights or glass candle holders


STEP 1. Cut square stock into the three heights
STEP 2. Mark off the centre of the top of each block and drill the hole for the candle
STEP 3. Sand edges
STEP 4. Paint the short one white, medium height in red, and the tallest in stripes and let dry
STEP 5. Sand the paint back to show off the texture of the wood
STEP 6. Wrap your ribbon or twine around the medium one.
STEP 7. Place your candles in each chunky candle holder, cluster together and light. A cozy blanket, good company and a hot cuppa are all snuggly additions.