Words to help with the healing

Hauntingly beautiful and heartbreakingly healing. A labyrinth of words with no real stops and starts as life is simply one start, one stop with a middle. This book is one that should never have been written but needed to be, for all who have lost a child.
The other side of Sheree Fitch, the bubbly and wonderful personification of joy itself is revealed in You Won’t Always Be This Sad. The author of the well-loved children’s book Toes in My Nose and many others including There Were Monkeys in My Kitchen, inspired by her two sons, her newest book focuses on only one. The one she lost far too soon. The one who brought her two grandbabies and planned to move to a piece of land to look over her. Fitch’s son Dee.
Every one of us deals with a lot, including the death of a loved one, which means a lot of us struggle to not always be so sad. Fitch was able to wind her way through a stream of consciousness with rhymes and sorrow to heal herself, discover new strengths and find ways to love those who remained by her side. In doing so, in sharing this heartache and journey of endurance her process to see the sunshine and feel warmth will aide many others to do the same.
While specific to her own situation, the magic of Fitch is that her story-telling is universal and easily connected to. While the words were easy to read on their own, the combination and sequence of each made it hard to put down as it is a tale you need to see through to the end. To understand the impact of each step along the pathway, some leading to dead ends, the poetic justice and dedication of the journey brings to the reader the warmth of a hug from a loved one long lost.
Descriptions of You Won’t Always Be This Sad talk of it being divided into three parts which is true but it is also done so seamlessly that it seems to be a continuous thought. Whether you had 37 years with someone or 37 minutes, or simply want a better understanding of what it takes to bear excruciating pain, this is one book you should add to your shelf and keep in your heart.